Own a Piece of Show Me The Crypto History
Welcome to “The First 100” - Show Me The Crypto's first podcast NFT collection.

In celebration of our 100th episode, we've created a collection of 200 NFTs: 100 available for general sale and 100 reserved for our first 100 guests to claim. These NFTs are collectible items that represent the early supporters of our show.
Our Journey to 100: The Story of Show Me The Crypto
From humble beginnings to the launch of our 100th episode, Show Me The Crypto has been a labour of love from day one. When we launched the podcast in late 2020, we didn’t know if we’d make it to 100 episodes, but we were determined to build a platform to educate and inspire others about the exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Thanks to the support of our listeners and guests, we've been able to interview some of the most brilliant minds in the space, while staying true to our mission. With "The First 100" NFT collection, we're excited to celebrate this milestone with our community and reward our early supporters for joining us on this journey.
What is The First 100 NFT collection?
The First 100 is our first podcast NFT collection, consisting of 100 NFTs available for general sale and 100 NFTs claimable for guests of the podcast (guests can claim until March 31, 2023).
When will the NFT collection be available for purchase?
The general sale will begin on Thursday, March 16th at 4 p.m. PST / 7 p.m. EST.
How can I claim a free NFT as a guest of the podcast?
Thank you for being a guest of the podcast! 🙏 If you already provided us with your ETH address, you will be receiving your NFT soon!
What inspired you to create this NFT collection?
We wanted to celebrate our first 100 episodes of Show Me The Crypto and incorporate Web3 technology while rewarding our early supporters.

What is the cost to mint one of the NFTs?
0.04 ETH + Gas
How can I purchase an NFT from The First 100 collection?
You can purchase the NFTs by using the "Mint" button on this page. You'll need to have an Ethereum-supported wallet with at least 0.04 ETH (+ a little extra for gas) in order to perform the mint.
What do I receive when I purchase an NFT from The First 100 collection?
When you purchase an NFT from "The First 100" collection, you're not only getting a collectible that celebrates our journey to 100 episodes of Show Me The Crypto, but you're also becoming an early supporter of podcast NFTs.

By owning one of the limited 200 NFTs in this collection, you'll have a piece of history that shows your dedication to the space and support of crypto content creators like Wade and Ulf.
Will there be any additional benefits for owning an NFT from The First 100 collection?
While we can't promise future utility, we're big fans of NFT projects that delight and surprise. Who knows what we might have in store for The First 100 NFT holders in the future? Don't miss your chance to be a part of our journey and the podcast NFT revolution.
How will the funds from the sale be used?
The funds raised from the sale of The First 100 NFT collection will be used to sustain and grow Show Me The Crypto, supporting our mission to provide informative and entertaining content about the world of crypto and blockchain tech.

Beyond basic YouTube monetization (which is very, very minimal), we haven’t entered into any advertising partnerships to date. We’ve been approached by a couple projects, but we turned them down because we didn’t believe in what they were selling.

For the last 2+ years and 100+ episodes, all costs for editing, equipment and online tools have been out-of-pocket expenses.

By purchasing one of these NFTs, you'll be supporting the continuation of our podcast and allowing us to reinvest in the growth of the show. We truly appreciate all of our listeners and supporters, and we're excited to offer this unique opportunity to own a piece of our podcast's history. Thank you for your consideration and support!
Why were 100 minted prior to the general sale?
These NFTs were minted in advance and reserved for our first 100 guests of the podcast. Guests have until March 31, 2023 to claim their NFT!
What happens to the NFTs that were unclaimed by guests?
Any of the 100 NFTs that are unclaimed by our guests by March 31, 2023 will be held/used by Show Me The Crypto.
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